Assessing Your Body Type: The Secret To Maximizing Your Muscle Building Results

pEvery individual’s body type is determined by genetic factors, and hence any workout program for weight reduction or muscle building requires an analysis of the body type. Before undertaking any such course, it is essential to evaluate one’s body type. Every body structure reacts to diet and workouts in a distinct way and hence, effective and efficient fitness programs suggested by health professionals are based on the body type, otherwise called somatotype.

Evaluating your body type helps immensely in understanding its requirements, in order that you work in tandem with it, instead of going against it out of ignorance. Though all body types are capable of losing or gaining weight, building muscles and reducing fat, the extent and rate of the tasks vary in accordance to the inherent characteristics of the body type. Body types are categorized as ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs.

Ectomorphs are skinny and tall with a narrow figure. An ectomorph’s bone structure is delicate, and the width of shoulders and hips are almost equal. They never put on weight regardless of any unlimited diet, because of a high metabolic rate. Workout programs for ectomorphs have to be designed carefully, as strenuous workouts can cause untold problems. Usually, basketball players, runners and ballerinas depict this body type.

Ectomorphs can use weight training methods consisting of a few sets of training for each part, and can lift weights ranging from moderate to heavy, involving a few repetitions. They can go for cardio training workouts involving cardio exercises for three to five times in a week. Their workout level should be appropriate, with a gradual increase from a moderate level and with duration of twenty to forty minutes for each session.

Mesomorphs have a body that is naturally inclined to be muscular, and they can easily develop muscles. Weight gain adds to their muscles, without increasing fat. They have big bones, with shoulders wider than hips, and their body structure can be described as medium-built. Tennis players, sprinters and soccer players generally have natural mesomorph bodies. They can easily achieve the V-taper body structure, typical of body builders, athletes or fitness models.

Mesomorphs can go for moderate weight training methods, starting from lighter ones, basically to improve muscle tone rather than size. Therefore, they can workout in two to three sessions per week with a few sets and relatively more repetitions. They can focus on distinctly each muscle group, and make the most of muscle building techniques. Quick transition between different exercises helps them build stamina and to avoid bulk. They can select session duration of half an hour to forty-five minutes, with around five or less cardio workouts per week.

Endomorphs are heavier, with soft muscles, curvy structure and generally pear-shaped, and have an overall rotund shape. Compared to the other two body types, they hold on firmly to fat, and even a slight increase in their diet adds to the fat. They require effective training to bring about a visible change in their weight and muscle structure. Many entertainers and stage performers including actresses have endomorph body types.

Endomorphs have to concentrate on their curves with specific weight training methods that would add to their muscle tone. A complete body weight workout three times per week with suitable sets and higher repetitions would help a lot. Further, they need to enhance the symmetry of the body by focusing on upper-body workouts. They can go for cardio training up to six times a week with half to one hour sessions. It is necessary to ensure that body fat and calories are burnt to a good extent.

Experts are of the opinion that most people do not fit completely into a specific body type, but depict a combination of the body types described above. Ecto-mesomorphs have a mesomorph structure with ectomorph traits such as trim waist or smaller joints. Endo-mesomorphs similarly show a mainly mesomorph stature with some endomorph qualities as they may tend to gain fat more easily. However, the predominant body type should be determined in every individual, to design the best techniques to render a good shape to the body.

Identifying one’s body type is a big relief for those seeking suitable weight training and muscle building programs, as they need not waste time and effort with endless attempts to achieve a shape with programs that are not designed for them.

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